Free training available for your real estate investing business 

Mastery of Short Term Rentals

In this training, Scot Poirier and John Gerstenlauer cover how you can create a true home business with short term rentals.  

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Unsecured Lines of Credit

Eric Mauz did an incredible training talking about how he used unsecured lines of credit to help him fund his business.  He and his team have developed a system to help others do the same.  To watch this training Click here


Donna Bauer

Donna Bauer recently spent about 6 hours with members and guests of Boston AREIA explaining how to profit with buying/selling/assigning notes!  To access this amazing and informative training, click here

The Legal side of Real estate with Attorney David Lebwith

Attorney David Lebwith covered the legal side of real estate investing in this 2 part training.  

Attorney Lebwith is based in Braintree and has over 30 years of experience as a real estate attorney.  He shares a wealth of knowledge with local investors in this recorded training.  

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