$20.00 USD

Raising Capital and Multifamily Investing with Andrew Freed

May 28, 2024 6PM – Raising Capital and Multifamily Investing with Andrew Freed

Randolph Elks, 21 School St, Randolph, MA

Join us to learn techniques to raise capital and learn about Multi-family investing with Andrew Freed.  Andrew started as a project manager on the W2 track, experienced a paradigm shift inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad, prompting him to pursue financial freedom through real estate. Leveraging his Boston condo with a HELOC, he strategically acquired 10 properties over 2 years, including multifamily units and syndications, and employing creative financing methods. As of present, Andrew oversees a portfolio comprising over 150+ units with an additional 80 units under contract. Andrew emerged as a prominent figure in real estate, specializing in multifamily investments, house-hacking, and syndication. Acknowledged as a distinguished figure in real estate investing, Andrew became the top contributor on BiggerPockets and featured on podcasts such as BiggerPockets Rookie Guest and One Rental at a Time. Committed to community engagement, he regularly presents at real estate meetups, fostering connections and sharing expertise. Andrew's ultimate goal is traveling the world and empowering others to attain financial freedom through real estate investment.

Thanks Paul Shaughnessy from Renovo Financial for sponsoring the food

Location:  Elk's Club, 21 School St, Randolph, MA

When:  May 28, 2024, 6pm