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Jennifer Alcantara, Senior Loan Officer Movement Mortgage

Join us on 4/20/2023 to learn about Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans. Jennifer Alcantara will discuss the products available for purchasing long-term MF/Industrial real estate investments.

- Terms years

- AM years

- LTV, rate

- Costs

- Non-recourse/recourse

- Reserves/ min-account balance

- Net worth

- Liquidity

- Penalty for pre-payment

- Sell/refinance

- What an applicant needs to present to qualify

- Can the property be owner-occupied? Full, partial, vacant?

- What details do you need to know about the property?

- Closing costs?

And any other questions you have about DSCR Loans.

Jennifer Alcantara is a Senior Loan Officer with Movement Mortgage. As an experienced loan officer she has the knowledge you need to explore the many financing options available. Ensuring that you make the right choice for your projects is her ultimate goal.