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Real Estate Panel of Experts

September 26, 2023 6pm - Build your real estate team with this panel of local experts! 

Build your Team with this incredible Panel of Experts 

  • David Lebwith, Real Estate Attorney

    Attorney Lebwith brings 32 plus years of experience in transactional real estate and the conveyance of small and medium sized businesses. 

    Attorney Lebwith helps many home owners with smooth closings on the most important decision in their lives, the purchase or sale of their home.  

    He also advises real estate investors and business owners with  structuring deals, drafting contracts and closings.  His approach is proactive and encourages any investor, whether seasoned or novice, to contact him for a consultation as soon as a transaction is being considered.

  • Michael Pierce, Accountant and Tax Expert

    Michael has been serving the members of Boston AREIA since 2007.  His team are a group of professionals with over 115 years of experience in a host of capacities within the public and private sector.  Their focus is helping business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors save on taxes and keep more of the money they make.

  • Marie White, Investor Savvy RE Agent

    Marie has been a real estate agent for 10 plus years and is a listing specialist who has been helping investors identify properties to BRRR and cash flow.  

  • John Browne, Insurance Specialist                                          John has been the VP of Corcoran and Havlin Insurance Group for over 7 years and has been in insurance since the late 90's.  He will make sure you CYA when it comes to insurance that is needed for your Buy/Hold properties as well as your Fix and Flips.  He's already saved a couple of deals for our group.  
  • George Berdos, Jr, Contractor

    George is an investor friendly Licensed MA Construction Supervisor, who is also a LeadSafe renovator.  He specializes in insulated concrete forms and is certified to install VeiwRail stairs and railings, glass panel, cable rail and rod rail as well as mono stringer stair flights.  George is looking to work with investors who are doing rehabs as well as new construction projects. 

  • Jon Cohen, CEO Boston Property Management

    With more than 15 years in the property management field, Mr. Cohen delivers a great deal of experience leading the team at Boston Property Management. Mr. Cohen oversees all of the daily responsibilities of running the property management team as well as interacting with the portfolio of clients. Mr. Cohen strives to ensure that all of the portfolio properties and associations are performing optimally and continually looking for ways to improve operations and service to benefit the end user. Mr. Cohen began his career in the property management field with his own firm, where he successfully managed ten distinct multi-family properties throughout Greater Boston. Through dedication and hard work, Mr. Cohen, through Boston Property Management, now oversees a portfolio of more than 900 units with an asset value in excess of $250 million.

    As CEO of Boston Property Management, Mr. Cohen is involved in all of the day to day operations; including marketing, staffing, budgeting, field work supervision and fiscal oversight. Mr. Cohen’s focus is to apply his experience to provide a product that sets the standard for the industry and to continue to look for ways to expand their service platform.

    Jon graduated from Northeastern University in 2003 with a dual major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

  • Patrick Queally, Mortgages .               Patrick started his career in the mortgage industry as a Loan Processor in 1993. He was soon promoted to Underwriter and was later named Vice President of Residential & Commercial Mortgage Lending of a local community bank, where he maintained a pipeline of residential & commercial transactions from pre-application through to closing.

    Through the years Patrick has worked for a variety of lending institutions-- national lenders, regional & community banks, mortgage brokerages and independent correspondent lenders, working in a number of roles to support and manage operations as well as sales and training of loan officers and sales teams.

    In addition to actively working as a Loan Officer and Branch Manager, he is the director of the Agent Acceleration Academy, an organization dedicated to teaching sales and marketing on social media, primarily to real estate agents and other real estate related service industries in several states.

    He is also the host of a video & podcast series, “The Wicked Awesome Report” where guests include local and national business owners and entrepreneurs, covering topics from sales and marketing, current events and general interest stories, all with an emphasis on local businesses to support the “shop local” movement.

    With his rare mix of underwriting & operational background in the mortgage industry, combined with years of sales skills and mastery of social media for lead generation, Patrick is uniquely equipped to attract consumers that want to use his mortgage services as well as help them navigate the increasingly complex world of obtaining mortgage financing.
  • Rob Nichols, Crowd Lending                                                        Robert is a hard money lender and real estate entrepreneur who was born and raised in the Dorchester Neighborhood of Boston MA. Robert has been in the real estate industry since 2004 and is the founder of several real estate companies including Boston Trust Realty Group, MIG Realty, New City Investors LLC and provides Private Lending through Crowd Lending Inc. As a Broker he has managed over $500M+ in real Estate transactions since 2011 and currently employs over 40+ real estate professionals. Robert has also completed over 40+ real estate projects as a developer and his lending team has provided $90M+ in private

Special Thank you to Rob Nichols from Crowdlending for sponsoring the food at this event

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