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Commercial Investing/Syndications

3/28/2023 6pm, Randolph Elk's, 21 School St, Randolph, MA - Commercial Investing/Syndications

Alex Cwiakala and Harrison Bonner of Wollaston Real Estate Investments will be joining us to discuss their specialized, C class multifamily investment approach, that has allowed them to scale from 0 to 160 apartment rentals in just 3 years by hyperfocusing and specializing in a specific market. Their vertically integrated approach to property management, maintenance, and development has given them a wide array of ability and knowledge to maximize their management practices and investment returns. They will present their investment modeling, successes and failures, and discuss why they are bullish on C class markets and other recession proof businesses for 2023 and beyond. 

Wollaston Real Estate Investments was founded on a dream in 2016 in Quincy, Massachusetts by Alex Cwiakala and Harrison Bonner, to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit and positively impact their clients, partners, and communities. Since their first single family flip in 2016, Wollaston REI has evolved from single family flippers, into mid-size condominium and land developers, and now residential and commercial multifamily investors and developers. Alex and Harrison have since grown their portfolio to 160 units under ownership and over $25 million in value; all while moving operations into specific emerging markets of western MA. Their long term vision for local communities, and the scale of impact, drives Wollaston REI to continue to invest and develop emerging communities to ensure success for all clients, residents, and partnerships.