$500.00 USD

Every year

Mastermind coaching

This is an upgraded group mastermind coaching program.

What you'll get:

  • Monthly group coaching - 
  • Monthly Individual coaching sessions
  • Access to Mastermind training and tools
  • Boston AREIA individual Membership which includes - 
    • Access to our Membership portal for training
    • Free attendance at all meetings - this includes monthly meetings, zooms and rehab tours.
    • 2 coaching sessions with our Chief Connector
    • Free Consultation with Attorney David Lebwith on your first deal.
    • Access to lenders
    • And, much more

    We are here to help you jump start your real estate investing business.

In this group, we will cover training on various topics such as short term rentals, rehabbing, finding properties, note buying and more.  We will actively seek out deals as a group with the potential to Joint Venture with other members. This is a 12 month program with limited seats available.  Each group will have no more than 8 members.